About Tepe

A story of the Internet and the future of content

An Illustration of a Digital Lock

The Internet began as an open network of computers.

We started to communicate and store our data on them.

It was magical, like a nervous system for the world.

But soon, most of the data were put on private servers and owned by corporations.

Videos were on YouTube, ebooks were on Amazon, and our personal photos were on Instagram.

Our data, all held in distant private servers.

An Illustration of a Digital Lock
An Illustration of a Digital Lock

But then, we saw the rise of three key technologies:

  1. distributed ledgers (ie, blockchains)
  2. distributed cloud storage
  3. distributed keychains

Each one is a game-changer.

But together, they unlock a new era of digital content.

We built Tepe to reclaim control over our data.

Tepe is a tool that

  1. encrypts your content with distributed keys,
  2. stores it on distributed cloud storage, and
  3. tokenizes content access on the blockchain.

Tepe ensures that if you own the token, your data is accessible only to you, safe on the blockchain.

Content Types
An Illustration of a Digital Lock

Private, Portable, and Permanent

No more temporary access, watching ads, restricted sharing, geo-blocks, platform-exclusive content, forced updates, data mining, hidden algorithms controlling your feed, limited customization, content takedowns, or third-party intermediaries.

Yours. Everywhere. Forever.

Any Type of Content.

An e-book, a digital artwork, a personal journal entry, a paid report, a software application, a music track, a research paper, a digital course, a podcast episode, a 3D model, a design template, a video tutorial, a game, a documentary, a virtual event ticket, or even a personalized fitness plan.

You get the idea...

An Illustration of a Digital Lock
An Illustration of a Digital Lock

Tepe is in beta! Use at your own risk.

Please report any bugs or feedback on Canny or Discord.

Upon mainnet launch, each token and its content will be forever engraved on the blockchain, making them forever yours.

"The best way to predict the future is to invent it."

We are but two humble scientists, Harang and Kieran

We built Tepe because we believe in content ownership.

Join us on this journey.

An Illustration of a Digital Lock
An Illustration of a Digital Lock

Fun Fact: Tepe is a Turkish word for “hill”.

We drew inspiration from the Neolithic site, Göbekli Tepe, in Turkey.

This ancient megalith, believed by some to be a time capsule for future generations, mirrors Tepe's vision of end-to-end token-gating.

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