End-to-End Token-Gated File Sharing

Encrypt, store, and share your files with NFTs on the permaweb.


Data Back in Your Control

On Tepe:





Private. Permanent. Portable.

Feature 1


Keep your content exclusive to your token holders.

Feature 2


Your content is forever, even if platforms aren't.

Feature 3


Your content goes wherever your tokens go.

How It Works

Step 1

Step 1   Bring Your Own Token (BYOT)

Bring your existing NFTs.

Or create your own on Manifold or OpenSea.

Step 2

Step 2   Upload Your Content

Tepe works with any digital content.

An e-book, a digital artwork, a personal journal entry, a paid report, a software application, a music track, a research paper, a digital course, a podcast episode, a 3D model, a design template, a video tutorial, a game, a documentary, a virtual event ticket, a personalized fitness plan...

You get the idea.

Step 3

Step 3   Share Your Tepe Page

Your token holders can access your exclusive content.

Directly on tepe.so/yourpage.

Ready to dive in?

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